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Dr. Joseph DiBenedetto, DMD

Dr. Joseph DiBenedetto, DMDWith a keen sense of perception blended with a plethora of analytical skills, Dr. Joseph DiBenedetto chose a career in dentistry because of the overall fulfillment of working with his hands and helping people. As an Ocean Township native, Dr. DiBenedetto continues to serve his community by committing his time to the local planning board, the Italian-American Club, and local charities.

Dr. DiBenedetto started with 30 patients and now has over 5000 patients as he has designed and built two offices through that growth. By mastering the craft of dentistry, Dr. DiBenedetto has molded himself into a highly skilled professional, gaining the respect of his staff, community, and peers. The business has thrived into a successful operation simply by recruiting intelligent and compassionate staff who contribute by overcoming daily hurdles.

Dr. DiBenedetto says, "God bless my staff, because they make my job much easier."

The best part of Dr. DiBenedetto's day is when he greets, treats, and interacts with his existing as well as his new patients. Each patient is greeted by their name when entering the office, which exhibits a warm family friendly service. The office stands out because they have a staff who is genuinely concerned about the health of each patient while providing the best possible care. When a new patient arrives, they should understand that this is a group of highly trained, compassionate professionals.

Although the office encounters challenges throughout the day, they will overcome them wholeheartedly because they believe in a total team effort. Team management is consistently enhanced in a harmonious effort with staff meetings and group continuing education.

As an advocate of technology, Dr. DiBenedetto strongly believes in the new equipment and how its providing improved care for the patients. The office has used a digital x-ray since 2003 and the CEREC machine (a personal favorite) since 2011. Dr. DiBenedetto foresees and embraces the advances in technology because he understands how they will play a pivotal role when driving the landscape of the dental profession.

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