Oral Surgery in Little Silver, NJ

Are you seeking oral surgery in Little Silver? At Little Silver Family Dental, you can access a comprehensive range of oral surgeries with your trusted dental team. Due to his whole-body approach to health, Dr. Joseph DiBenedetto is a top oral surgeon in Little Silver and beyond. His patient-centered approach aims to provide the most comfortable, healthy outcomes possible!

Sedation Options for Comfortable Oral Surgeries

Our Little Silver dental office offers safe, conscious sedation dentistry for anxious patients, those with special needs, or who may require oral surgery. During your consultation, Dr. DiBenedetto will review your medical history to create a sedation plan for your needs. 

Dental Implants

man smiling after a successful oral surgery procedure at Little Silver Family DentalAre you missing one or more teeth? Dr. DiBenedetto specializes in permanent tooth replacement using dental implants! Implants provide natural-looking, long-lasting results using titanium posts fused to the jawbone, where luminous replacement teeth can attach. They also have no dietary limitations and are built to last for life.

We offer these implant systems at Little Silver Family Dental:

  • Single Dental Implants 
  • All-on-4┬« Dental Implants
  • Implant-Retained Dentures
  • Overdentures

Bone Grafting

Periodontal disease can damage the jawbone, preventing dental implant placement without treatment. To help you better support a new implant, Dr. DiBenedetto may suggest bone grafting (natural bone regeneration) to stimulate bone growth in the jaw. This specialized treatment promotes optimal jawbone strengthening and growth. 

Ridge Augmentation

After a dental extraction, ridge augmentation can graft bone directly into the empty tooth socket. This helps recreate the natural shape of the gum and jaw lost in the extraction procedure. Ridge augmentation prevents jawbone deterioration in extracted areas, enabling future denture use or implants. It's proven to benefit smile health/appearance and confidence. Ridge augmentation can also offer the following benefits:

  • Re-establishing the natural bone/gum ridge
  • Refining aesthetic appearance
  • Increasing jawbone stability for long-term oral health
  • Lessening gaps between gums and restorations

Tooth Extractions

Dental extractions address emergencies from trauma/injury or prevent future problems like infections in damaged teeth. Dr. DiBenedetto performs extractions for patients with pain and discomfort or infections from teeth that are too damaged to repair. Sometimes, surgical extraction is necessary, but simple extractions can remove visible teeth. Before any dental extraction is performed, Dr. DiBenedetto offer a complete exam and set of x-rays to design your optimal treatment plan. 

Root Canal Treatment

woman relieved of tooth pain after a root canal at Little Silver Family DentalOur root canal treatments in Little Silver, NJ, are designed to treat severe tooth decay or inflammation, while preserving the natural teeth. Root canal therapy targets the decay in the tooth's central pulp, eliminating damage and preventing tooth loss by removing a source of inflammation within the tooth. 

After a root canal is completed, the tooth is capped with a new dental crown for protection and stability.

Symptoms indicating the need for a root canal include toothache, severe tooth sensitivity, dental abscess and swollen gums. While extraction is an option, root canals are preferred for preserving the tooth's function and avoiding more complex dental procedures

Schedule Your Surgical Consultation with Dr. DiBenedetto

You can trust Dr. DiBenedetto at Little Silver Family Dental for gentle, comfortable oral surgery in Little Silver. Schedule your surgical consultation today to get started! 

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