Sedation Dentistry in Little Silver, NJ

Do you experience dental anxiety, sensitivity to sound or light, or any other conditions that make it difficult to comfortably receive dental care? Little Silver Family Dental offers sedation dentistry services in Little Silver, NJ, and beyond, taking a customized approach to help make your experience as comfortable as possible! For any level of dental anxiety, our team can carefully evaluate your medical history and collaborate with you to determine the most suitable and safest level of sedation for your appointment.

Little Silver Family Dental provides oral conscious sedation to help alleviate anxiety in patients during their dental procedures. This type of sedation involves taking a pill before the treatment and can be used as a mild or moderate sedative. Mild sedation induces drowsiness, while moderate sedation may cause patients to enter a light sleep.

What is Oral Conscious Sedation?

woman taking a sedative before her dental procedure at Little Silver Family DentalOral conscious sedation is a medical procedure used in dentistry to help patients relax during dental treatments. The sedation medication is typically delivered in pill form just before your dental appointment. 

Oral conscious sedation allows patients to remain awake but in a deeply relaxed state, alleviating anxiety and discomfort associated with dental procedures.

Who Needs Oral Conscious Sedation?

Oral conscious sedation is particularly beneficial for patients with dental phobia, enabling them to receive necessary care without the stress and anxiety that might otherwise prevent them from visiting the dentist.

How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?

Oral conscious sedation affects the central nervous system through sedative medication. Dr. DiBenedetto will give the patient a pill about an hour before their procedure at our Little Silver dental office. Once ingested, the medication induces a state of calm and relaxation, though the patient remains awake and able to communicate. The sedatives also have an amnesic effect, meaning that although the patient is conscious during the procedure, they will have little to no memory of the experience afterward. This method significantly enhances patient comfort and can make the perception of time pass quicker, making your dental visit feel shorter and more relaxed!

Learn More About Adding Sedation Dentistry to Your Next Visit

Looking for a safe, simple way to banish dental anxiety? Contact us today to discover how our sedation dentistry services can offer you a relaxed and comfortable experience in the dentist's chair!  

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